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Locals get the best of all worlds by having Elon and Gibsonville in the same immediate area.  Each has its own distinct personality.  The balance of these two characters provide something for one where the other is limited.

Elon: Elon is a university town.  Many of the students who attend this prestigious private college are from the northeast; top states of undergraduates were NC, MA, NJ, NY, VA, MD (2021).  This gives the town a more northern urban vibe than is found in the surrounding southern county areas around it.  The Elon marketplace is young and seasonal.  In fact, some of Elon’s businesses operate exclusively on student traffic.  The Elon town population is 12,232 persons in 2019, per  The median age was 22.4 years old.

Gibsonville: Gibsonville is a locals market which showcases the more rural and family oriented personality of Eastern Guilford County, western Alamance County, and “off of” I-40 / I-85 locations.  Due to the fact that regional and national retail providers are only 3.5 miles away in Alamance Crossing, this community has easy access to all types of amenities, urban and rural.   Open year round, Gibsonville is most active on weekends or during town events.  Per, Gibsonville had 7,339 persons in 2019.  Median age for the town is 40.3 years old.

Surrounding Areas

Eastern Guilford County: Areas off the I-40 / I-85 are rural in nature.  While there is demand for area growth, growth in Guilford County has been primarily focused on highway locations or in metro Greensboro / High Point.  It is notable that much of Eastern Guilford County is an area without access to utilities and in watershed areas.  These two limitations keep density at bay and have maintained this portion of the county as agricultural and single family residential in nature.

Burlington: Western Alamance County is a higher demographic area of Burlington, the 18th largest city in NC with 54,000+ persons (2019).  Downtown Burlington is anchored by the national headquarters operations of LabCorp, a publicly traded Fortune 500 company.  This area of Burlington has quality high paying jobs, established and historic neighborhoods, as well as a strong concentration of amenities.

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