This website is a consolidated effort of area stake holders.   It is intended to be regional marketing for persons who know nothing about our community and/or region.  We admit it.  Gibsonville / Elon isn’t exactly a sought out search term and eastern Guilford County isn’t a known hot spot.  After you review http://www.gibsonville.biz, we hope that isn’t the case.

This website showcases the unique personality and talent of our community, our neighbors, and our friends.  I think you will be impressed.  Besides providing profiles about who we are, we also provide a calendar that includes all known events.  Please be aware that this community wide calendar is the assemblage of many different calendars and is not provided anywhere else in this cohesive form.

Information and advertising on this website:

  • is offered with the express purpose of providing our community a common voice online.
  • is focused on areas in and immediately around Gibsonville / Elon, regardless of municipality.  This website will advertise any business in western Alamance County or Eastern Guilford County as long as it has proximity to our area.  If your information is not on our website and you would like it to be, please Contact Us.  We love to meet our neighbors.
  • is offered at no cost in general, though we reserve the right to offer premier advertising locations at a cost.  While paid advertising may or my not happen on this website, this is a method we may use to pay for http://www.gibsonville.biz operational and maintenance costs.
  • is subject to the approval of http://www.gibsonville.biz staff.  Staff always reserves the right to control the content and verbiage of what is “advertised” on this website.  If information is incorrect, can be improved, or you would like us not to offer you free online advertising, please Contact Us.

This website is owned and operated by Sean Dowell, a decade long resident of Gibsonville and owner of Dowell Commercial Realty.