The Gibsonville / Elon area offers a variety of culinary experiences.  Whether you would like home style cooking, a four star French restaurant, or one of the many options in between, we can accommodate your appetite.

Fat Froggs @ 512 West Haggard Avenue, Elon or (336) 584-5546.  High ceiling bar and restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating.  Fat Frogg’s offers a wide selection of craft beer and is one of the area’s nicest live music venues.

Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant @ 233 Burke Street, Gibsonville or (336) 449-2988.  Established local restaurant with a small indoor seating area and very heavy carryout traffic.

Ines Bakery @ 112 West Main Street, Gibsonville or (336) 447-4249.   Authentic Argentinian bakery and gourmet owned and run Ines and her husband Ariel.

Jack’s Barbecue @ 213 West Main Street, Gibsonville or (336) 449-6347. Casual, locally owned restaurant with diner style food and shakes.

Kimber’s Restaurant @ 230 West Main Street, Gibsonville or (336) 449-6411.  Owned by the Jeff & Edith Younger (who will greet you at the door), this table cloth restaurant serves steaks, pastas, salads, and sandwiches.  Kimber’s Restaurant also has a large private banquet room available for reservation.

La Casa Dorada Mexican @ 128 West Main Street, Gibsonville or (336) 603-6480.  An authentic Tex-Mex restaurant with quick, quality service and fairly priced, large portions.  While you enjoy your food, you can also enjoy the unique ambiance; this Mexican American concept is built in a prior Irish pub.

The Mission @ 961 Burlington Avenue, Gibsonville or (336) 603-6548.  Opened in 2016, this Mexican concept serves it’s self branded “tacos for the south.”  This well located restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating.

The Oak House @ 112 North Williamson Avenue, Elon or (336) 350-8116.  A coffee shop, wine lounge, and a choice of abundant craft beers.  This “restaurant” has limited food options but allows catering in from other restaurants to their location.

Once Upon A Chocolate @ 139 Piedmont Avenue, Gibsonville or (336) 447-4710.  Enjoy handmade desserts by chocolatier Debbie Stevens. Starting her career in the 1990’s, she has 25+ years experience in custom made confection and ships her hand crafted product worldwide. Whether enjoying something off the shelf or special order just for you, visit the singular retail location of Once Upon A Chocolate in downtown Gibsonville.

Pandora’s Pies @ 130 North Williamson Street, Elon or (336) 270-4599.  Elon campus adjacent Italian and ice cream restaurant.  It’s creative meals are made with locally sourced foods.

Paulies @ 415 West Haggard Avenue, Elon or (336) 584-8786.  This local “dive” offers both a restaurant area as well as a bar and gaming section.  It has access controlled, covered outdoor seating (for smokers) and is a popular nighttime haunt.  For subs, sandwiches, and pub food, this restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.

Pete’s Grill @ 137 Piedmont Avenue, Gibsonville or (336) 449-6122.  A cafeteria style restaurant with tasty, southern food home cooking.  Open only for breakfast and lunch, this off Main Street dinner is a local favorite.

Reno’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant @119 East Main Street, Gibsonville or (336) 449-9220.  Reno’s Pizza is an established Gibsonville anchor owned by locals Lui and Tiffany Lattero.  This restaurant offers traditional Italian food and subs as well as a well stocked salad bar.

The Root @ 110 West Lebanon Avenue, Elon or (336) 792-1081.

Saint Jacques at the Burke Manor Inn @ 303 Burke Street, Gibsonville or (336) 449-6266.  Triple AAA four diamond French restaurant in Gibsonville’s historic bed and breakfast and open only on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for dinner.  This quality establishment is owned by Lil & Lori Lacassagne, previous owners of Saint Jacques French Cuisine in Raleigh NC.  While under their ownership, the Raleigh Saint Jacques location was named one of the top 100 restaurants in the U.S. by Open Table Diners from 2009 – 2015.  This restaurant was sold for the Lacassagne’s move to Gibsonville, which is fortunate to now have an authentic French chef to call its own.

Skids Restaurant @ 134 West Haggard Avenue, Elon or (336) 584-5223.  This Elon campus adjacent location serves all day but is known for its breakfasts.  You can dine in or call in and pick up your food through their drive through.

Simply Thai & Sushi @ 2401 Timberline Station Drive, Elon or (336) 584-3838.  Upscale, contemporary choice known for curries & other Thai favorites, plus imaginative sushi rolls.   Opened in 2008, this concept was expanded in Jamestown in 2017 by owners Matt “Jit” Lothakoun and his sister Vonne Keobouala.

Six Scoops @ 113 East Main Street, Gibsonville or (336) 603-8006.  This locally made ice cream can’t be beat.  This brand is regionally sold in food stores, restaurants, and can be enjoyed on the town greens at Six Scoop’s only retail location.

West End Terrace @ 138 West Lebanon Avenue, Elon or (336) 585-1227.  This Elon campus adjacent restaurant and bar is a great location for people of all ages.  It offers indoor and covered outdoor seating areas, an extensive selection of craft beers, and a full service menu.  While “hidden” on the back side of Elon’s small downtown, this is a must find location.  It is open during peak times of the school and is closed during portions of the summer.  UPDATE: As of early August 2017, this restaurant is very recently closing.  More information to come as we learn about who will next grace us with a great new concept.

Brewballs @ 3730 South Church Street, Burlington or (336) 538-0600.  Small live music venue with darts, pool tables, and a large outdoor sitting area.  This nighttime only establishment opens after 4 PM and serves no food.

Are you in the area and not listed above? Please Contact Us.  We love to meet our neighbors.  Also, if any of our neighbors have moved or their business information could be improved, please do let us know.  We know excellence requires diligence and appreciate all feedback.  All the best.