Merchants Association

The Gibsonville Merchants Association (GMA) provides:

  • Monthly Meetings: This coming together allows the business community the chance to 1) be kept up to date on news of the area (by city leaders, police, each other, and others) as well as 2) the chance to allow each business a voice in the community’s common direction.  Also, alternating monthly morning and evening meetings allow members who cannot attend at one meeting time to attend the other.
  • Common Voice: GMA membership provides group marketing for its members.  Shared advertising costs are paid for out of membership dues.  GMA advertising include rack cards, common window signs, vehicular and event venue signage, online social media marketing, among others.  When customers comes to one GMA business, they are also informed about other GMA members.
  • Advertising by Industry Cluster: While GMA advertising advocates for all of its business, it also does so in industry clusters (dining, furnishings, etc).   This mutual advocacy ensures customers find what they are looking for and also visit numerous town businesses.
  • Coordinated Civic Involvement: The GMA has members on town committees as well as involvement with county and regional efforts.  Gibsonville is a community split by the Alamance and Guilford county line.  Our city has both the tremendous opportunity as well as the double efforts required to work with two (2) Chambers of Commerce and two (2) Convention and Visitor Bureaus.  Leading in the effort of coordinating dual regional marketing and local civic involvement are GMA members.
  • Educational Opportunities: The majority of our members are small business owners.  As a group we benefit from each others experiences, which are shared through our relationships.  If not through another person’s trial and error, the GMA also offers more formal educational opportunities through SCORE.
  • Annual Events: The GMA itself organizes the Lighting of the Green town festival as well as an annual regional networking event.  Being a GMA member provides you with automatic invitation to these GMA events.  While parades and summertime concert events are run by the city, the GMA works in tandem with city staff to make these events successful.

While named the Gibsonville Merchants Association, any interested party may join (regardless of actual physical location).

If you are interested in joining the GMA, email for more information and/or a membership application.  Current (2017 / 2018) GMA President Lori Lacassagne can also be reached at (336) 449-6266.