Gibsonville / Elon offer:

  • Picturesque Small Towns.  If you feel like stepping back in time, come visit our downtowns.  Sit on Gibsonville’s town greens (where visitors have made themselves at home since the 1850’s) or in Elon’s historic core   Whether to shop or for one of our downtown gatherings, we welcome you to both historic commercial business districts.  Please note that fans of the television show Gilmore Girls have mentioned Gibsonville reminds them of Star Hollow.
  • Local Artisan Shops and Expert Service Providers: Drop in and discover original, unexpected, and unique stores.  Also, if you are here and need specialized assistance, our skilled craftsmen offer quality, singular services.
  • An Established Rail History & Amenities.  Gibsonville / Elon have a long rail history.  Gibsonville was and is still a town built for trains.  Whether 4 or 104, come and enjoy our railway activities and history.
  • Enticing Event Spaces and Lodgings: If you are planning a business or personal event, consider one of many charming, impressive event spaces and lodgings.
  • Agritourism and Recreation In Abundance: Gibsonville / Elon is blessed with urban and rural amenities.  Come enjoy the bounty our beautiful countryside has to offer.
  • Aid In Planning Your Visit: Whether you visit on a random weekend or for a town event, see our Calendar to aid you in planning your visit.

Visit us and you will see we are a destination with a difference.

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